Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Real SG Property about?

We firmly believe in equipping property transactors with relevant, reliable, and competent information. There is currently too much information online that is  incredibly complicated, and we hope to help the average property transactor by presenting the most relevant information in a simple, reliable and accurate manner.

Why did you start Real SG Property?

We were trying to learn more about Singapore property-related knowledge and we realised that while there was an abundance of information online, too much information was scattered all over the web.

This meant that it took us a lot of time to properly understand the numerous regulations surrounding Singapore properties. We want to save you the trouble, so we created this platform to add value to the average home buyer and seller.

Are you a property agent?

Indeed, this page has been aggregated with content that has been prepared by a certified and licensed property agent with due diligence. This is to ensure that the information given to you is relevant and reliable.

If you wish to receive personalised help, please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we will be very happy to assist you.

I have a property related inquiry that I can't find the answer to on your site. Can you help me further?

Yes! Our vision has always been to assist as much as possible with property related queries in Singapore. Let us know how we can help you. In addition to attending to your query, we may also create a video tutorial so that future inquiries of a similar nature can be solved easily!

Why are there so many videos on your site?

For us, we find that we learn best through audio and visual input in the form of videos as opposed to reading long articles. We suspect that most people respond positively to getting their information from video, and creating videos with essential content that is easily relatable is part of our value-add to you!

Can I request that you make a video guide about a real estate topic I am interested in?

Absolutely! We aim to cover as broad a scope as possible and if you’re interested in this topic, chances are that somebody else is interested in it as well! Simply contact us using the contact form and we will follow up with you from there.

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